rocks and ravens is a short puzzle game inspired by haiku and Japanese logic puzzles like Sudoku.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. For the best experience, play with headphones and a cup of tea. 

Hope you enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(197 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Experimental, haiku, Mouse only, Relaxing


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This game is so relaxing, I hope you make more levels in the future :) I actually made an itch account just to comment on this bc I love it so much haha

love this game, it was so relaxing


really nice


17 levels really good and peacefull.


Hi, I have purchased and downloaded Rocks&Ravens. When I try to run the game, I get the error message 

"The application “RocksAndRavens” can’t be opened."

I am running MacOSX 10.15.7 Catalina on a Mac Book Pro.

Any Ideas? Many thanks.


Congratulations, it's a very good game, although I was sure that I solved it correctly in some places, I couldn't pass the levels. Again, I congratulate you on a beautiful game in terms of both artistic and game flow...

Loved it, every stage feels different and exciting, great job!

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really nice! Took 15 minutes. I appreciated the rule change to swap up strategies


This is a great game, everything is tonally perfect! I'll give u a follow for sure can't wait to see what other gems you have.

love haikus but i cant do sudokus


Neat idea and well-executed. Very relaxing and the haikus were a treat.

very cute!! i liked it a lot :))


Loved it, thanks!



delightful thank you!


can I ask how you did the shader?


ohh my god i tried to interact with that gif for like ten minutes


This is such a cool project and I love that shader!


I really love this game! I found it on the GDWC website (and voted for it). I love these puzzle games that aren't just static images, but react to the player's actions. You have a lot of potential, you could make a mobile game out of this, or maybe make a more complicated game. Great job!


i like this a lot & keep coming bakc to it. the design elements are Lovely, & keep me interested (i like logic puzzles but my attention span doesn't) & the music is lovely & soothing. it's maybe not good for ppl who want a Challenge, but for me, Great :)

really, only wish there was more of it, it's a great game.

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I love doing logic puzzles, so this is a no-brainer, but I really loved this game! The overall aesthetic and the music was very calming, meditative even. As someone mentioned before, "blank" tiles would be helpful (though not necessary). 

Would love to play more, should you ever flesh the game further! :)

edit: I was trying to suss out what this game reminded me of--it's a bit like the logic puzzle akari, except simultaneously simplified and with additional restraints. huh. (and, you know, fundamentally different.)


This is so well made- the music and sound effects are soothing and the colour palette is pleasant to look at. It wasn't too challenging but made me think at times. Thank you so much for this lovely little game<3

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The game is surprisingly relaxing. The graphics is cute and puzzles are neither too easy nor too stressing. The background music is peaceful and kind.

Probably the only thing that the game seriously lacks are randomly-generated puzzles.

love the game. would love more levels of this.


This is such a cute calming game. Love it


A delightful little game. Not too much of a challenge but nice all the same. Fully recommended.

Thanks so much! I loved watching your video. My favourite quote was "It's your friendly neighborhood game." :P



a little gameplay right here. Maybe we could call this full walkthrough

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Thanks for making this walkthrough and sharing the game! 


I love it.


Just played through this and loved every minute of it. I wish there had been a different coloured gem or a different object, and feedback could have been better, but the game is beautiful and it works surprisingly well on just a touchscreen with the WebGL. Thank-you for sharing! I'll keep an eye out for your games in future. 


loved this <3



I love the little detail of the ravens tensing up when the gem is in sight when it should not be. 

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I love the way every element (the unfolding, the gameplay, the graphics) follows the principles of haiku. The colors are wonderful, and although I'm not especially crazy about the diamonds, the ravens are magnificent. They look drawn with ink, and it gives by itself a style to the game. congrats! I love it :D the aesthetic is truly magnificent ;)

I love the effect on the birds. How did you go about that? 

This game is a joy to play. :)

This was lovely.

Level 10 is the first "interesting" level (the first one which I thought required a bit of thought). I wish that were level 6, so that it could be 5 levels of tutorial/easy ones, 7 levels of interesting challenges, and then 5 levels of rule change. But that's just me.

Thanks for making this game!

Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing so much.

Absolutely fantastic, thanks for making this!

The visuals look great!

Inverting the rules was really cool :)

The rules remind me a lot of Skyscraper logic puzzles:

I wonder if you invert the expectations one more time and instead all the diamonds are fixed and you need to place the rocks and ravens? It would probably be too easy just like that so you might need to add a rule where no two ravens can be next to each other.

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